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Listen to all the 13 songs of this second edition of the album

1. Cupidon (acoustic version)
    Author : Lear-Petrelli-Primarosa     Composer : Petrelli-Poggi

2. Je m'appelle Amanda (acoustic version)
    Author : Petrelli-Lear     Composer : Petrelli

3. I belong to you (acoustic version)
    Author : Kravitz     Composer : Kravitz

4. Back to black (acoustic version)
    Author : Winehouse     Composer : Ronson

5. Fallin' in love again (acoustic version)
    Author : Cherry Eagle Eye     Composer : Cherry Eagle Eye

6. Someone else's eyes feat. Deadstar (acoustic version)
    Author : Petrelli     Composer : Petrelli

7. I don't wanna lose you (acoustic version)
    Author : Petrelli-Lear-Barbosa     Composer : Petrelli

8. Secret lover (album version)
    Author : Morbidelli     Composer : Morbidelli-Coluccini

9. Sucide is painless (piano version)
    Author : Mandel     Composer : Altman

10. Sorrow (acoustic version)
    Author : Gurewitz-Brett     Composer : Graffin-Greg

11. Reality (demo studio version)
    Author : Cosma     Composer : Cosma

12. Je m'appelle Amanda (piano version)
    Author : Petrelli-Lear     Composer : Petrelli

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